“Does my cat love me?”

If you’re not a cat owner, chances are you don’t think cats are cuddly, loving creatures. But as a cat owner, you know that they can be loving household miniature lions that pretty much own every part of the house and choose when to show their love, but when they do – you feel honored.

Here are 7 distinct ways your cat shows that they truly love their human:


  1. Head Butting – This sweet act of affection that your cat does to you would not work for humans but when it’s coming from your cat, you should have all the feels. As your cat head butts you, they release facial pheromones in an exchange that in the cat world is known as ‘head bunting’ and it shows how much they trust and love you. Cue all the head butting please.
  2. Kneading – Not only is your sweet little kitten trying to soften you up to lay on you, they are also trying to show their adoration. As kittens, they perform this act on their mother to produce more milk and as you are their human parent, they turn to you. We all ‘knead’ this moment. 
  3. Cat Kiss – Let’s talk about the cat kiss. When your cat slowly blinks its eyes and touches its nose to your lips, it’s almost the most romantic moment in your life. Your cat is saying, ‘I love you, my human’. So, slow blink back because they know what it means. 
  4. Sleeping with you – World’s Best Cuddler Award goes to your furry friend that couldn’t imagine a night without you by their side. Cats show their affection by being close to you so it’s no wonder they choose their sleeping spot right next to you. So, make some room for your bestie when you’re going to bed. 
  5. Nipping you – Cats are playful and as kittens, they like to bite hard. But there is a difference between play bites and loving nips. When your cat nips at your fingertips ever so softly, consider that a marriage proposal because they L-O-V-E you. 
  6. Staring into your eyes – This sign of affection can translate into the human world as well. If your cat shares a long, deep, stare into your eyes, consider yourself their favorite person. This gesture of love is a sign of devotion and you are lucky to be on the receiving end of all this love. 
  7. Showing you their tummy – A cat’s tummy is to always be protected and when they flip over to even show you it, they trust you implicitly. This is a sign of trust and vulnerability, and they know you will only give love and protection if they show you their underside. I’m not crying, you are. 


Consider yourself very lucky to have a furry friend that cares to show you even one of these signs of love. That’s all for meow, tune in for more later!