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We offer veterinary surgery in Anaheim, CA, including soft-tissue and orthopedic procedures as well as spays and neuters.
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Pet Surgery in Anaheim, CA

We know that it can be a stressful time when your pet needs an operation. At Cottage Pet Hospital, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

We’ll be providing complete pre-operative information for you and your pet – this includes when to keep them from eating the night before the operation to a full schedule of the day of the operation. If your pet is going under anesthesia, we may require blood work to make sure they’re healthy enough for the operation.

Our veterinary team will be diligent in ensuring we cure your pet’s ailment and call you with the good news during the operation. Multiple members of our staff will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly in the operating room.

Once your pet is out of surgery, we’ll contact you immediately and make sure that you have all of the information to bring your pet home and make sure that they’re comfortable and ready to begin healing. We may also need to schedule follow-up appointments to make sure the healing process is going well.

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Spays and Neuters

There are an estimated 6 to 8 million homeless animals in the US. Most of this number will enter animal shelters – half are lucky enough to be adopted and the other half are euthanized. Spaying and neutering your pet is the most effective method of birth control.

Besides helping to control the pet population, spaying and neutering your pet may lead to better health. Neutered males will have less chance of getting testicular prostate cancer, other non-cancerous prostatic problems, less unwanted behavior, and fewer chances of getting urinary problems.

Spaying females have less chance of getting uterine/mammary cancers and a greatly reduced chance of uterine and bladder infections.

Soft Tissue Surgery
This is any surgery not related to bones or joints. It can be routine elective procedures such as neuters and spays to much more complicated intra-abdominal surgeries. Our veterinary personnel does a careful evaluation that determines whether or not your pet requires soft tissue surgery. We strive to make your pet’s procedure as safe and comfortable as possible before, during, and after the surgery. Our veterinarians use the safest and most effective anesthesia to manage your pet’s pain during soft tissue surgery. We will closely monitor your pet’s vitals throughout the process.
Orthopedic Surgery
Orthopedic surgery is the branch of surgery concerned with conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgeons use both surgical and nonsurgical means to treat musculoskeletal trauma, sports injuries, infections, tumors, and congenital disorders.

At Cottage Pet Hospital, we have invested the capital and time required for proper training on the equipment needed to perform complex orthopedic procedures with accuracy and efficiency. Cottage Pet has extensive experience with many orthopedic diagnostic and surgical procedures.

Tail Docking / Ear Cropping

Tail Docking
Surgical shortening of the tail can be performed in order to comply with breed standards (performed at 3-6 days of age). This is a routine veterinary surgery to improve the animal’s appearance. Tail docking might also be necessary to treat an injury or disease.

Ear Cropping
Ear crop surgery is often requested for several different common breeds, such as Boxers, Doberman Pinchers, Great Danes, Pit Bulls, and Schnauzers. While ear trim surgery is considered to be completely elective and cosmetic, many pet owners request the procedure out of convention and personal preference.

Declaw / Dewclaw removal

Feline Declaw
Onychectomy is the medical term for Declaw. It is the surgical removal of a cat’s nail bed (amputation of digit). The surgery can be performed on the front paws, rear paws, or all 4 paws. The procedure is routinely performed at 5-6 months of age. Recommended for indoor cats only!! The procedure eliminates the cat scratching at items in your house and people. The surgical laser is used on all declaw procedures to reduce bleeding and postoperative pain.

Dewclaw Removal
Dewclaws are the small nails located on the inside of the front paws and occasionally the rear paws. Since these claws do not touch the ground, they do not wear down. If not regularly trimmed, they may curl and or grow into the foot. The dewclaws are prone to injury because of their location. This procedure can be performed at 3 – 6 days of age, at the time of spay or castration, or at a later date if the pet is having repeated problems.

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